Lithofin StainStop W


Lithofin StainStop W 5 Ltr


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Lithofin W Stain Stop is a ready to use, water based impregnator. It penetrates into the surface of all natural and artificial stone, unglazed ceramics and terracotta, and forms an invisible film on the capillaries. This helps prevent staining from water, dirt and oil, whilst allowing the stone to breathe. Lithofin W Stain Stop is a long-lasting stain prevention method, which protects and facilitates maintenance of the stone surface. It is ideal for use on stain sensitive areas.

Key Features

Ready to use
UV resistant
Contains NO solvents
For indoor and outdoor use

Instructions for use

Thoroughly clean the surface to be treated and allow to fully dry
Shake the bottle, of Lithofin W Stain-Stop, well before use
Apply generously and evenly using a mop, brush, roller or sponge (it can also be applied using a garden sprayer and then distributing using a sponge)
Ensure the material is evenly distributed on polished surfaces by wiping over several times
Apply a second application to highly absorbent surfaces after 20 minutes
Wipe away any puddles and drips immediately and ensure that all surplus product is removed (do not allow it to dry on the surface)
Keep the surface free of water and oil for 48 hours, after which the full effect will be achieved
Coverage is approx 10m² per litre on rough limestone and up to 20m² on dense, polished surfaces


Lithofin W Stain Stop helps prevent staining from water, dirt and oil, whilst allowing the stone to breathe; for a higher degree of stain resistance however, use Lithofin MN Stain Stop.

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