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Our fleet of tipper, crane, forklift (trucks) and vans deliver 99% of our orders.

Delivery & Order Confirmation

Country Supplies prides itself on its delivery service.

Unlike many other suppliers we do not rely on pallet carriers, who can struggle to deliver to most domestic addresses. Instead, we operate a range of trucks to help us deliver where and when you need it, using couriers only when the delivery is out of our normal area. Regardless of delivery method, we will always strive to give the best possible service.

Calculate Delivery Costs

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Please note that the price for some of our products already includes a delivery charge. These include most bulk bags, loose materials and larger amounts of small bagged products. Check your shopping cart for more information.

Before placing your order it is crucial that you understand and take full responsibility for the delivery information you give us, as we rely on this to plan routes and allocate the type of vehicle used. You will have a much better idea of any restrictions that you may have, that might affect the delivery. If you are a repeat customer please do not presume you will always get the same delivery truck, you will to tell us if you need a specific vehicle each time you order. 

We try and operate on a next day delivery service on ex-stock items up to our delivery capacity, although during the busiest times or the year such as soring, it is not always possible. Wherever possible, we recommend that you ask us to deliver the day before you require the materials, as sadly we can not be at every delivery address at 8am.

Our standard delivery times are between 7am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Any delivery times given are only as an estimate and are provided in good faith with the information available at the time. We always endeavour to deliver turf in the morning, but it may not be the first delivery. If you require an estimated time of delivery this is available from 3pm the prior day. All of our delivery vehicles are fitted with real time trackers to assist with delivery updates. 

Please note that we can not make any changes to orders after 12pm the prior day, regardless of how small they may be. 

We are happy to deliver without the customer or representative being present, providing that we can gain access, however we do not accept any liability for theft, damage or deterioration of items delivered. It is at the driver’s discretion where he deems it acceptable and safe to deliver to, bearing in mind that materials are offloaded mechanically and not done manually. We will not return to move products that are left at the correct property, unless they are obstructing access to it or are likely to cause harm or damage.

What truck do I need?

The answer is most people can take any of our vehicles but here are some simple questions to ask yourself.

Do I have overhead cables? If "Yes", then you need a forklift.

Is my drive narrow or on a slope? If "Yes", then you need a forklift.

Do I live on a small lane? If "Yes", then you need a small crane truck, forklift or for small goods one of our vans (call for more details).

Do I need the delivery putting over a wall or hedge? If "Yes", then you need a Crane truck.

Things to note.

  • Asking for a particular vehicle might mean that your delivery is later in the day and may incur an extra cost.
  • If no preferences are made at the time of ordering Country Supplies will use the most efficient vehicle.
  • A successful delivery is deemed to be to the kerb side of the address given. As part of our customer service, we do aim to deliver the materials as near as possible to where you require the goods, but this is not part of the contract.
  • We only allow a maximum of 30 minutes unloading time. Any delivery not completed or refused by the customer because of delivery restrictions will result in the customer being responsible for the cost of the return freighting to our site and the associated costs incurred. This is a minimum charge of £50.00 plus VAT
  • We only allow 30 minutes unloading time per order, so if you think your delivery will take more time, e.g. multiple trips with the forklift or lifting into dumper trucks please tell us.
  • If we are not advised of any expected delay and the delivery takes longer than above, then we do charge waiting time at £60.00 per hour plus VAT.
  • If we are asked to come off hard standing by the customer it is at their liability if the delivery truck or forklift gets stuck. The customer shall need to organise and pay for the recovery and any waiting time that is incurred. 

Third party deliveries

  • These vehicles need a firm level surface to unload on and you must ensure that the delivery vehicle will have safe access to the unloading point.
  • Deliveries are kerbside and where possible the driver will try and leave your delivery where requested.
  • The driver will use a small pump action trolley to manoeuvre the pallet around and therefore it is key that the surface is level, as they are designed to be used on concrete, tarmac or block paved areas and are unable to be used on gravel, soil, earth, uneven or loose ground.
  • Please be aware that these Lorries cannot deliver onto any form of slope, hill or incline.