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Wonder Grip Bee-Smart Gloves


Wonder Grip Bee-Smart Gloves Large


£3.50 (inc. VAT)


The Wonder Grip Bee-Smart encapsulates our brand-new Bee-series knitting technique and our new generation of latex in-house developed, the HDML coating. The upper part of the gloves is made of an ultra lightweight liner offering both high resistance to torsion and unmatched breathability. Bee-series knitting technique creates a unique shape on the palm maximizing the coefficient of friction delivered by the coating itself. The low part of the glove benefits from the DuaLiner technology and its special support on the back of hand ensuring a snug and secure fit. Bee-Smart sets a new standard for comfort at work, and become the ultimate glove for general handling work.

Ultra-lightweight liner offering both high resistance to torsion and unmatched breathability

Knitting technique creating a unique shape on the palm and maximizing grip

High grip performance for safe handling in dry and wet applications

Soft coating, enhancing hand movement for superior dexterity and reduced muscular fatigue

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Wonder Grip Bee-Smart Gloves

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