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Vande Moortel Septim A Arena (Sanded Tumbled) Clay Paver

Vande Moortel Septim A Arena (Sanded Tumbled) Clay Paver 700 Per Pack 8.14m²
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VM/ARENA215 x 52 x 70mm Single£1.43 (inc. VAT)£1.19 (ex. VAT)
VM/ARENAPK700 Per Pack 8.14m²£846.56 (inc. VAT)£705.47 (ex. VAT)
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The Vande Moortel collection is an exclusive range of clay pavers. The Septim A Arena is a rectangular, sleek paver that has a sanded tumbled finish offering homeowners and designers a world of versatility. They can be installed in a variety of angles and patterns for many different applications. You can create interest in larger spaces, provide sophisticated edging to smaller areas or build textured pathways. The clay pavers have a mixture of finishes including tumbled, non-tumbled, sanded and non-sanded to give different looks.

Within our Septim A series of clay pavers, there are various types of finish to choose from, including sanded or unsanded and tumbled or non-tumbled. Vande Moortel’s characteristic grey braised colours are also available within this range. All the pavers from this series have been rated as class A which means that they have a very low level of water absorption and are frost resistant. All the clay pavers from our Septim A series are in the ecological Brick7 format. With a height of 7 centimetres, this format ensures the optimum use of raw materials and energy during the production process.

Dimensions: 215mm x 52mm x 70mm
Coverage: 86 pavers to 1m²
Mix: Arena is a mix of Forum and Colosseum. 

Installation Guide

Please Note: This product is to order in only.  

Due to the way these packs have been created, you may find the packs and their colour ratios vary from pack to pack, therefore it is recommended that you mix from different packs when laying.

If you are looking to create a more consistent or repeat pattern, we would recommend buying from single colour packs to give you the desired ratio, especially if you are only ordering a small quantity.

Please note: Vande Moortel Clay Pavers are designed to be installed on edge. For more information check out the Installation Guide or give us a call 01494 562 406