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Vande Moortel Ancienne Belgique Bronze Yellow (Unsanded Tumbled) Clay Paver

Vande Moortel Ancienne Belgique Bronze Yellow (Unsanded Tumbled) Clay Paver 880 Per Pack 7.33m²
Prices include VAT
Prices exclude VAT
VM/ABBRONZEY183 x 43 x 88mm Single£1.50 (inc. VAT)£1.25 (ex. VAT)
£1.26 (inc. VAT)£1.05 (ex. VAT)
VM/ABBRONZEYPK880 Per Pack 7.33m²£1,114.16 (inc. VAT)£928.47 (ex. VAT)
£1,014.00 (inc. VAT)£845.00 (ex. VAT)
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**This Sale Price is based on available yard stock only and not for future orders.
22,886 Pavers Available Only!**

The Vande Moortel collection is an exclusive range of clay pavers. The Ancienne Belgique Bronze Yellow is a rectangular, sleek paver that has an unsanded tumbled finish offering homeowners and designers a world of versatility. They can be installed in a variety of angles and patterns for many different applications. You can create interest in larger spaces, provide sophisticated edging to smaller areas or build textured pathways. The clay pavers have a mixture of finishes including tumbled, non-tumbled, sanded and non-sanded to give different looks.

Choosing a clay paver from our Ancienne Belgique range means choosing the most elegant paver available on the market. The pavers from this authentic series are produced in accordance with our Hand-Made principle. While this gives them their natural character and colour with subtle shading, their refined format guarantees a stylish end result. All of the bricks in this range are un-sanded but have been tumbled to enhance the character.

Installation Guide 

Dimensions: 183mm x 43mm x 88mm
Coverage: 111 pavers to 1m²

Please note: Vande Moortel Clay Pavers are designed to be installed on edge. For more information check out the Installation Guide or give us a call 01494 562 406