Topsoil Grade A


Topsoil Grade A 1 Tonne Bulk Bag


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Topsoil Grade A 1m³ Tipped Loose
Topsoil Grade A


A premium graded virgin soil, derived from the country's prime arable soils. Friable and easy to handle, and with low stone content.

-10mm Screen
- Ideal for all Landscaping and planting projects with guaranteed quality and consistency all year round.
- Ph to be around 7.5
- Fully conforms to BS3882:2015

With its additional reserves of organic matter in the form of compost, Grade A Topsoil provides the optimum nutrient levels for establishing young plants and encouraging healthy root growth. With a typical percolation rate of 1.44mm/hour Grade A Topsoil has a open and free-draining structure.

It is free of contaminated waste, glass or building material residue and is devoid of invasive weeds such as Japanese Knotweed. As a natural product Grade A Topsoil does contain annual weed seeds which will emerge. These are easily managed using normal weed-control methods.

Every effort is made to make sure every bag of our soil is a good as the last. Due to the screening process you can find a very small number of stones over 10mm in size.

Grade A Top Soil is disease-free and contains no pesticide contamination. Typically the texture is sandy loam.