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Top Dressing Eco Dried 70/30 1 Tonne Bulk Bag


Top Dressing Eco Dried 70/30 1 Tonne Bulk Bag


From £101.60 (inc. VAT)

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  • 14 or more @ £101.60 (inc. VAT)


Country Supplies Top Dressing is a moisture controlled material designed to easily spread by hand or through a belt feed dressing machine.

Please not this is not a kiln dried material only reduced moisture.

Blended from 70% rounded sands and 30% fine sandy loam soil it has been screened to 3mm to produce a super fine dressing.

How much to use.

2kg per M² Light dressing

4kg per M² Meduim dressing

6kg per M² heavy dressing

Bulk bag is aproximately 1000kg and comes in a double weatherproof bag
to eusure the quolity of the delivered material.