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Top Dressing 70/30 1 Tonne Bulk Bag


Top Dressing 70/30 1 Tonne Bulk Bag


From £69.60 (inc. VAT)

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  • 1 @ £84.00 (inc. VAT) each
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  • 5 to 8 @ £76.80 (inc. VAT) each
  • 9 to 13 @ £73.20 (inc. VAT) each
  • 14 or more @ £69.60 (inc. VAT) each


70/30 Sand Soil mix Top Dressing / Root Zone

This highly versatile material can be used as an economy top dressing or a root zone to give the perfect finish before turfing or seeding.

Made from 70% USAG double washed sand and 30% Sandy Loam soil screened to 3mm this creates a free draining open structured material.

This highly workable product can be used to the finest of finishes for a perfectly smooth lawn. Kept under cover and bagged to order to maintain the highest of standards.

Kept under cover to ensure quality of product.