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Tight Diamond Trellis


Tight Diamond Trellis 1.83m x 900mm


£37.38 (inc. VAT)


Diamond Lattice trellis planed all round made using 45mm x45mm frame with 8 x 20mm rounded lattice.

Fully pressure treated for long life.

Planed all round with rounded corners

Framing = 30mm x 30mm

Framing = 45mm x 45mm for DT13 / DT14 / DT15

Lattice Width = 20mm

Lattice Thickness = 8mm

Lattice Gaps from Inside Edges = 40mm

All lattice measurements are shown in shoulder heights x width

For Arch/Concave measurements add or substract 11cm, except DT14 & DT15 ± 20cm

See the master product below for more options
Tight Diamond Trellis 1.83m x 1800mm
Tight Diamond Trellis