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Spruce Ornamental


Spruce Ornamental 1m³ Bulk Bag

Spruce Ornamental 1m³ Tipped Loose

Spruce Ornamental 25 x 60lt bags (½ Pallet)

Spruce Ornamental 50 x 60lt bags (1 Pallet)


From £68.20 (inc. VAT)
From £49.44 (inc. VAT)
From £117.60 (inc. VAT)
From £237.16 (inc. VAT)

Please note. This product is sold loose. This means you either need to collect it in a suitable vehicle or order enough of it to make it economically viable to deliver loose. You will find small amounts i.e. less than 6 m³ cheaper to be delivered in their bulk bag counterparts.

Price Breaks

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  • 1 @ £82.60 (inc. VAT) each
  • 2 to 4 @ £79.00 (inc. VAT) each
  • 5 to 8 @ £75.40 (inc. VAT) each
  • 9 to 13 @ £71.80 (inc. VAT) each
  • 14 or more @ £68.20 (inc. VAT) each

Price Breaks

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  • 10 @ £51.24 (inc. VAT) each
  • 11 @ £52.00 (inc. VAT) each
  • 12 @ £51.14 (inc. VAT) each
  • 13 @ £51.79 (inc. VAT) each
  • 14 @ £51.07 (inc. VAT) each
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  • 16 @ £51.39 (inc. VAT) each
  • 17 @ £50.82 (inc. VAT) each
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  • 19 @ £49.85 (inc. VAT) each
  • 20 @ £49.44 (inc. VAT) each

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  • 1 or more @ £117.60 (inc. VAT) £4.70 (inc. VAT) each

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  • 1 to 5 @ £255.00 (inc. VAT) £5.10 (inc. VAT) each
  • 6 to 11 @ £242.26 (inc. VAT) £4.85 (inc. VAT) each
  • 12 or more @ £237.16 (inc. VAT) £4.74 (inc. VAT) each
Model Product Select Price
SOBB1m³ Bulk Bag
SO1m³ Tipped Loose
SO60PH25 x 60lt bags (½ Pallet)
SO60P50 x 60lt bags (1 Pallet)
SO8060lt Bag£5.50 (inc. VAT)
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Melcourt Spruce OrnamentalTM is used to:-
Naturally supress weed growth on planted landscape areas.
Help to conserve soil moisture, minimising drought stress and plant death, particularly during dry weather.
Act as an insulating layer, thus substantially reducing the effects of ground freezing, during frosty weather.
Slowly improve the soil's organic content, as it eventually decomposes into the soil.
Substantially enhance the visual appearance of newly planted areas.

Product Description
A versatile, high performance mulch, from our 'contract' range.
Dark brown in colour
The product is free flowing and easy to handle.

Typical Uses
Suitable for a wide range of professional landscape applications, including prestigious sites, car parks, superstores, business parks, tubs, plant and window boxes.

User Benefits
This product is certified under the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)
Independent testing to British Standard 4790:1987 confirms Melcourt Spruce OrnamentalTM's fire performance characteristics, when it is used particularly in areas of potential fire risk, i.e. car parks, vehicle fuel filling stations, adjacent to offices and pedestrian walk ways, housing estates etc.
Melcourt Spruce OrnamentalTM has been successfully used for many years on commercial sites throughout the UK and proved to perform extremely well.
Environmentally friendly, processed from natural British material, replacing expensive flower bed hoeing, chemical weeding and eliminating the need for excessive plant watering.