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Shade Tolerant Grass Seed Pro60


Shade Tolerant Grass Seed Pro60 10kg


£60.30 (inc. VAT)


A top quality mixture designed to produce an excellent wear tolerant turf under shaded conditions. Sabrene 1 rough stalked meadow grass germinates rapidly, providing an exceptionally fine, dense, green growth year round. To ensure successful results, do not mow too closely and feed regularly.

Mixture Information

  • 5% SABRENA 1 - Rough stalked meadow grass
  • 30% BELLEAIRE - Chewings fescue
  • 30% SAMANTA - Slender creeping red fescue
  • 35% SERGEI - Strong creeping red fescue

Sowing rate: 35-50g/m²
Overseeding: 25-50g/m²
Mowing height: down to 25mm

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Shade Tolerant Grass Seed Pro60 1kg
Shade Tolerant Grass Seed Pro60