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Reclaimed Railway Sleeper 260 x 150mm x 2.6m


Reclaimed Railway Sleeper 260 x 150mm x 2.6m


£40.00 (inc. VAT)


These creosote treated, softwood sleepers have been reclaimed from beneath the railway tracks of assorted European countries.
Great when a rougher look is required in your project!

Please note there can be quite a variance in size with these sleepers!

Creosote has been used for over 150 years to preserve and increase the life-span of timber.
- Don't use creosoted sleepers around children, food, or indoors.
- Don't put them in places where people may sit on them or regularly come into skin contact with them.
- Always handle with Gloves, and wear a dust mask when cutting.

SLEEPERS CAN VARY IN SIZE (advertised size is approximate)