Kiln Dried Oak Logs 1.1m³Box Stacked


Kiln Dried Oak Logs 1.1m³Box Stacked


£147.85 (inc. VAT)


Kiln Dried Oak firewood

Kiln Dried Oak is a very dense long burning high heat log. Due to the lower moisture contect, kiln dried Oak burns longer than a seasoned log and give a higher calorific value which makes them an economical choice.

The high quolity of them give an impressive 4.2Kwh/KG

Kiln Dried Oak burns well in open fires and really well in wood burners, giving you an overnight burn in many units. Easy to light with our Eco Firelighters.

All our logs are Environmentally sourced from sustainable managed forests. They will be delivered in a neat wooden crete that makes excellent kinderling.