Joint-It 20kg


Joint-It 20kg Grey


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Joint-It is Revolutionary NEW Paving Jointing Mortar for jointing paving slabs, cobbles & Natural Stone.

Joint it is easy to apply. Simply brush in and in all weather conditions too!

1 . Preparation: Make sure all joints are cleaned out to a minimum depth of 25mm (minimum joint width of 3mm) and clear of any dirt.

2. Pre-wet area prior to spreading JOINT-IT

3. Pour Out: Open the lid of the container and pour JOINT-IT immediately onto area.

4. Work In: Using a squeegee or street broom, spread it evenly. Work in so that it goes deep into the joints and is compacted.

5. Add more water: Add more water sparingly to help JOINT-IT flow into joints of the paving, working diagonally across the joints to ensure JOINT-IT has penetrated all joints of the paving.

6. Final Cleaning: Clean the surface carefully with a fine hair broom so that all JOINT-IT residue is removed. Always sweep diagonally across joint.

Take care not to brush the product out of joints or into nearby drains. JOINT-IT will start to harden in joints within 90 minutes at over 20 C degrees. In lower temperatures JOINT-IT will take longer to harden. Once bag is opened, contents must be used within 4 hours.

Available in 3 Colours

Approximate coverage using 4 size random paving per 20Kg tub is 12.5m² depending on joint width and depth.

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Joint-It 20kg Neutral
Joint-It 20kg