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How to Report Problems


Our aim is to provide customers with good quality products, matched with a service and delivery that is perfect from start to finish. Unfortunately, sometimes things go wrong and it is equally important then, to resolve the situation as quickly, efficiently and painlessly as possible to the satisfaction of both us and you. It is important that customers read the information regarding the products that they are purchasing so that they have a reasonable expectation of both our products and our services.

General Complaint

Email : or Phone 01494 562406 and choose option 1

Please provide as much detail as possible, including names, date, time, order number, location, a description of the situation and where appropriate, photo’s.

If For Any Reason You Are Unhappy With Your Purchases

Email : or Phone 01494 562406 and choose option 1

You will need to have  either your order number or the billing address of the order available, so that we can locate the relevant information. Any photographs that can be provided assist us greatly in resolving the situation quickly.

Issues With Delivered Orders

Email : or Phone 01494 562406 and choose option 2

In all cases, your order number or the billing address of the order will be needed so that we can locate the relevant information

Missing Items

Every effort is made to ensure that all orders are complete when dispatched and that where there is a shortage in stock, the customer is contacted prior to delivery. However, there can be occasions due to mis-communication or the volume of demand that an error can occur.

In order that any items missing can be rectified as soon as possible, we would ask that customers check the whole order at the earliest opportunity after it has been delivered. If possible, photos of the ends and sides of wood packs and the tops of stone packs will help speed up the process. Where there is a lack of stock, we will offer to put the item on backorder to be delivered as soon as it comes into us, or for the item to be refunded to you. If it is discovered on delivery that the item is missing, no arrangements can be made with the driver and instead the office must be contacted as above.

Wrong item

If you believe that the wrong item(s) has been delivered then please contact us before it has been altered or used, as we will not be able to replace it once that has occurred. It is usually helpful to send a picture of the item(s) that you believe are the wrong item. If the wrong item has been delivered, then we will schedule it to be swapped over at the earliest opportunity and will advise you of when it will take place. 

Broken Items

It is important to us that you receive your materials in as good a condition as possible and that only materials fit for purpose are picked. Occasionally there can be damaged ones within a pack when it comes in to us, which don’t get seen until the pack is broken apart. There can also be rare occasions when an item can be damaged in transit from us. Customers do need to be aware of conditions specific to the products they are purchasing, which can found on the web page for that item.  Please report any breakages at the earliest opportunity after delivery. Photos provided to us need to show the broken items in their original packaging. If it is discovered on delivery that an item is damaged, no arrangements can be made with the driver and instead the office must be contacted as above.

Wrong Address

Please advise us immediately if you become aware that the delivery is being delivered to or has been delivered to the wrong address. If the two addresses are a significant distance apart or involve a large volume and the error was not made by Country Supplies, then there may be a charge for the redelivery. The collection of the material from the wrong address and re-delivery to the correct address may not be able to be carried out on that day.

Wrong place on premises

As part of our customer service, we do try to help customers by getting the materials as close to where they need it as possible, although we are only required to deliver it to kerbside. Sometimes the drivers are restricted by the equipment or vehicle and are unable to get it exactly where it’s wanted. We do not return to move items from one place to another on the same property, unless a photo is provided showing that it is causing an immediate risk to those that have to pass it. If you wish the driver to put the materials into a specific place, then please provide the instructions at the time of ordering, as it may not be possible to do it on the day of delivery.

Delivery not arrived

It is extremely rare that we are unable to deliver the materials on the day that we have scheduled it for and if we do realise that it’s likely to happen, then we do try to contact customers at the earliest opportunity. If your delivery has not arrived by 4.30pm on the scheduled day, then please contact us to confirm if the delivery will still be made that day.

Not able to make delivery

The combination of our range of vehicles with their specialised equipment and our extremely skilled divers, means that there are very few properties that we aren’t able to deliver to. If we are unable to reach the property, then we will first of all establish with the driver why this was the case. If it is decided that another type of vehicle will accomplish it, then the delivery will be rescheduled, but it may not be on that day. If it is decided that we will not be able to complete the delivery, then the order cancelled and the payment refunded. If the delivery fails due to the customer not providing pertinent information, then they will be responsible for the cost of the materials being freighted back to our premises. If the vehicle is able to deliver to the front of the property, then the delivery will be considered completed.

Damage to property

The common duty of care is a duty to take such care as in all the circumstances of the case is reasonable to see that the visitor will be reasonably safe in using the premises for the purposes for which he is invited or permitted by the occupier to be there. This means that should we be requested to deliver onto a property, then the customer will be responsible for ensuring that our staff, as well as our equipment is safe and any part of the property that fails, while they are using it, e.g. drain covers, pathways, etc.