Gravel Board


Gravel Board 22 x 150mm 3m Brown


From £2.59 (inc. VAT)


Our range of Gravel Boards (sometimes referred to as Barge Boards) cover a large selection of sizes.

Gravel boards are the protective barrier between the ground and your fence.
Versatile and pre-treated for external use, ideal for all your fencing projects.

The 150mm wide are predominately used for the construction of a Close Board Fencing but can all be used for edging, compost bins, hit and miss fencing..... the list is endless.

All the Gravel Boards are pressure treated either Green or Brown.

Model Product Select Price
GB311222 x 75mm 3.6m Green£2.90 (inc. VAT)
GB4112G22 x 100mm 3.6m Green£3.85 (inc. VAT)
GB61622 x 150mm 1.83m Green£2.59 (inc. VAT)
GB6110G22 x 150mm 3m Green£4.22 (inc. VAT)
GB611222 x 150mm 3.6m Green£5.05 (inc. VAT)
GB3112B22 x 75mm 3.6m Brown£2.95 (inc. VAT)
GB4112B22 x 100mm 3.6m Brown£3.94 (inc. VAT)
GB616B22 x 150mm 1.83m Brown£2.64 (inc. VAT)
GB611022 x 150mm 3m Brown£4.33 (inc. VAT)
GB6112B22 x 150mm 3.6m Brown£5.17 (inc. VAT)
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