Global Stone Modak Old Rectory Cobbles Project Pack 10.71m²


Global Stone Modak Old Rectory Cobbles Project Pack 10.71m²


£506.05 Each (inc. VAT)
£47.25 per m²

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Elegant natural stone Old Rectory sandstone cobbles never fail to add a distinctive classic appearance to your outside space. Combine with complementary products from our collection to transform your driveway, create a beautiful circle focal point or an individual feature path or wall.

Mix and match the colours of the Old Rectory sandstone cobbles with the paving for a great contrast or two-tone effect. Alternatively, pave your entire landscape with these gorgeous soft textured cobbles.

The Old Rectory sandstone cobbles come in a project pack consisting of four different sizes. The cobbles aren't as big as the Old Rectory paving, but add a great interest in their variety of sizes.

They also have a tumbled finish, where the stone is churned in a machine similar to a cement mixer, which gives the cobbles smooth surfaces and softened edges that have a natural aged look.

Thickness: 30mm

Size Project Pack: 200x150 41no, 200x200 57no, 200x300 38no, 300x400 41no