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Flint Shingle


Flint Shingle 10mm 1 Tonne Tipped Loose


From £39.92 (inc. VAT)

Please note. This product is sold loose. This means you either need to collect it in a suitable vehicle or order enough of it to make it economically viable to deliver loose. You will find small amounts i.e. less than 6 tonne cheaper to be delivered in their bulk bag counterparts.

Price Breaks

These prices include local delivery when 6 tonne or more are purchased. To get prices with delivery to your door enter a postcode here.
  • 6 @ £51.04 (inc. VAT) each
  • 7 @ £48.33 (inc. VAT) each
  • 8 @ £46.29 (inc. VAT) each
  • 9 @ £44.71 (inc. VAT) each
  • 10 @ £44.64 (inc. VAT) each
  • 11 @ £43.49 (inc. VAT) each
  • 12 @ £42.54 (inc. VAT) each
  • 13 @ £41.73 (inc. VAT) each
  • 14 @ £41.04 (inc. VAT) each
  • 15 @ £40.44 (inc. VAT) each
  • 16 @ £39.92 (inc. VAT) each

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Flint Shingle 20mm 1 Tonne Tipped Loose
Flint Shingle


This natural coloured flint is perfect for driveways, footpaths, borders and general landscaping, plus for 'spray tar' and chip treatment for driveways.

Natural flint is an attractive blend of natural colours including light browns and wram greys making it an ideal choice for a variety of projects.