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Feather Edge Green


Feather Edge Green 22 x 125mm 1.65m


From £0.64 (inc. VAT)


Feather Edge is the key component for any Close Board fence, this is why we take great care to source ours from 100% UK grown white wood boards. The use of white wood predominately Spruce gives the board a more even and consistent colour especially for are rich dark Brown stain.

Please remember to allow for a 150mm Gravel Board when ordering feather edge.

We are always happy to help in any way if you need help calculating your fencing requirements.
Model Product Select Price
FE53G22 x 125mm 1.05m£0.64 (inc. VAT)
FE54G22 x 125mm 1.35m£0.83 (inc. VAT)
FE55G22 x 125mm 1.65m£0.95 (inc. VAT)
FE56G22 x 125mm 1.8m£1.04 (inc. VAT)
FE566G22 x 125mm 1.95m£1.22 (inc. VAT)
FE57G22 x 125mm 2.25m£1.45 (inc. VAT)
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