Echo PB-580 Backpack Power Blower


Echo PB-580 Backpack Power Blower


£388.00 (inc. VAT)


ECHO's PB-580 is a mid-sized backpack blower. It has a host of professional features normally associated with larger machines. Many of the features reduce fatigue and enhance user comfort thereby increasing productivity, such as a ventilated backpack pad, anti-vibration springs and padded shoulder straps.

Its 58.2cc engine has an output of 2.05kW and with the machine weighing just 10.3kg, the PB-580 has a superb power-to-weight ratio.

Engine displacement: 58.2cc
Dry weight: 10.3kg
Output: 2.05kW
Air volume: 882m³/h
Maximum air speed: 96.4m/sec