Digby Stone Dusk Granite (Display No 276)


Digby Stone Dusk Granite (Display No 276) 305 x 305mm Single


£3.82 Each (inc. VAT)
£0.25 per m²


Granite has long been one of our most popular products and is the densest stone we have to offer. It's high density makes it exceptionally durable and in turn increases it's weather resilience. Our range also includes a variety of complementary products including strips and bull-nosed steps, enabling you to create a seamless design.

All of our granite range is finished with a textured surface which gives the product an excellent slip-resistant quality, making our granite a home-friendly stone.

This product also features sawn straight edges and comes in a variety of contemporary colours, making it the perfect choice if you're looking to add a modern aesthetic to your landscape.

Dusk lends itself to any garden project being a versatile and user friendly stone, consisting of dark greys with small speckles of black and tiny fragments of quartz.

4 Size Project Pack Contains:

900x600mm x 13no
600x600mm x 13no
600x295mm x 13no
295x295mm x 9no

Strip Pack Contains: 900x150mm x 50no
Wedge Pack Contains: 900x200x100mm x 50no

See the master product below for more options
Digby Stone Dusk Granite 4 Size Project Pack 15.28m²
Digby Stone Dusk Granite