Capping Rails


Capping Rails 65 x 22mm 3m Brown


From £3.20 (inc. VAT)


Capping the fence is probably the cheapest way to extend the life of your new fence.

By shedding water from the top of the fence the capping will protect the end grain of the feather edge combined with the extra support given by the additional use of the counter rail.

The capping is available in two thicknesses depending on personal preference.

Model Product Select Price
C10G65 x 22mm 3m Green£3.20 (inc. VAT)
C10LG65 x 38mm 3m Green£5.30 (inc. VAT)
C10B65 x 22mm 3m Brown£3.25 (inc. VAT)
C10LB65 x 38mm 3m Brown£5.26 (inc. VAT)
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