Transition BN to DS BN Kerbs


Transition BN to DS BN Kerbs Autumn Gold LH


£18.53 (inc. VAT)


Converts bullnose high kerbs to bullnose drivestyle kerb

Size: 400 x 150 x 200mm
Model Product Select Price
B/BNBNLAGAutumn Gold LH£18.53 (inc. VAT)
B/BNBNRAGAutumn Gold RH£18.53 (inc. VAT)
B/BNBNLBRBrindle LH£18.53 (inc. VAT)
B/BNBNRBRBrindle RH£18.53 (inc. VAT)
B/BNBNLCLCharcoal LH£18.53 (inc. VAT)
B/BNBNRCLCharcoal RH£18.53 (inc. VAT)
B/BNBNLRDRed LH£18.53 (inc. VAT)
B/BNBNRRDRed RH£18.53 (inc. VAT)
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