Azpects Slate & Limestone Enhancer & Sealer 5 Ltr


Azpects Slate & Limestone Enhancer & Sealer 5 Ltr


£42.95 (inc. VAT)


Seals, enhances and enriches colour.

EASYSeal Slate & Limestone is an advanced water based high performance sealer using the latest technology to provide a waterproof, breathable, transparent yet durable seal to limestone and slate. Solvent free and easy to use, EASYSeal Slate & Limestone helps to repel dirt and stains and inhibits the growth of moss and algae. For use only on slate or limestone. To enhance other porous natural stone types, use EASYSeal Sandstone Sealer & Enhancer.

Resists fungal growth and staining.
Improves slip resistance by keeping contaminates away.
Protects and waterproofs.
Transparent sheen finish.
Quick drying.

Coverage: Up to 25m²