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Azpects Patio & Deck Cleaner 1 Litres


Azpects Patio & Deck Cleaner 1 Litres


£17.50 (inc. VAT)


The EASY way to remove stubborn dirt and grime from paving and decking!

Used by Professionals, EASY Patio & Deck Cleaner is a professional grade concentrate that is a fast & effective way of removing heavy build-up of the most stubborn dirt and grime from paving, driveways and decking. But its uses do not end there - it will also effectively clean fences, sheds and other concrete, stone and wood items, such as ornaments and garden structures.

It can be used as a stand-alone product, simply applying it to the dirty surface as per the instructions or it can be used as an additive cleaner for use with a pressure washer.

It continues to work for months after application - the surface looks better a few weeks after it has been used than when it was first applied!

Coverage: 80m²