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Azpects EASY 4 Rust 1 Ltr


Azpects EASY 4 Rust 1 Ltr


£35.50 (inc. VAT)


Azpects EASY4Rust - A Non-acid rust remover, highly concentrated and efficient at removing rust and oxidisation from natural stone.

Is designed to remove rust stains from delicate surfaces, when other rust removers cannot be used due to their corrosive nature.

Efficient at removing rust and oxidisation from all natural stone including marble, granite and slate (Slate bleeding). Also wood, paint, fiberglass and concrete.

Changes colour from clear to purple when working PH Neutral Safe to use on Natural Stone, Wood and Concrete Non-acid rust remover converts rust compounds into water soluble solution.

Can be simply rinsed away with clean water It does not alter the colour or look of the landscaped surface.

Environmentally friendly