Beta Autumn Gold


Beta Autumn Gold Medium 140 x 140 x 60mm Pack 9.88m²


£243.61 Each (inc. VAT)
£24.66 per m²


Beta's clean lined, smooth surfaces give a wonderful contemporary look to any driveway. This low maintenance paving solution is also great in the garden due to the reduced gap between blocks which minimises soil collection.

Beta is available in 4, single size packs and a mixed size TRIO pack, which contains three sizes of block in one pack, to maximise design flexibility and reduce the number of packs required, helping to minimise waste on smaller paving projects.

(Beta and Beta TRIO paving should not be mixed due to variations in colour resulting from regional manufacture).

Packs Contain:

60mm Trio Pack: 105x140 x 104no, 140x140 x 152no, 210x140 x 150no

60mm Small Pack:672no
60mm Medium Pack: 504no
60mm Large Pack: 344no
60mm Jumper Pack: 156no

80mm Small Pack: 432no
80mm Medium Pack: 324no
80mm Large Pack: 232no

See the master product below for more options
Beta Autumn Gold Trio 60mm Pack 8.94m²
Beta Autumn Gold