All Purpose Compost Deal 5 x 70lt bags


All Purpose Compost Deal 5 x 70lt bags


Product no longer available.


Product Description
Melcourt All-Purpose CompostTM is a 100% peat-free growing medium containing balanced fertilizers
Manufactured from top quality conifer bark and composted green residues
A product from our 'deluxe' range.
Dark brown in colour.
The product is consistent, fine, free flowing and easy to handle.

Typical Uses
Suitable for a wide range of general garden uses including potting on of rooted cuttings, pricking out seedlings, container growing, patio containers, seed sowing, tree and shrub planting.
Not suitable for use with ericaceous, lime hating plants such as azaleas and rhododendrons. For these use Melcourt Composted Fine Bark with appropriate fertilizers.

User Benefits
Easy to handle and manage
Manufactured from sustainable raw materials and containing no peat
Contains balanced plant nutrients giving optimum fertilization for the first four to six weeks in use.