Aco 1m HexDrain with Black Plastic gratting


Aco 1m HexDrain with Black Plastic gratting


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Aco HexDrain is high quality, high strength domestic channel with plastic gratings.
Internal width 95mm. Chanels are manufactured from high strength recycled polypropylene


Outlet connectors plug into the underside of the channel, for simple connection to 110mm diameter U-PVC pipe or ACO HexDrain sump unit.

Choice of eight vertical outlet positions on every channel

Easy fit end cap for both male and female connections

Cut outs in end cap can be easily removed to provide drainage to soakaway

Channels clip together for easy and simple on-site fabrication

Hexagonal columns give the channel excellent strength for load bearing. System fully certifed and CE marked to Load ClassA 15 BS EN 1433:2002

Cutting guide to create half metre channels

Installation guide clearly marked on the underside of the channel